Menopause and Hormones

Hormones & Menopause

If you are a woman of a “certain age,” it is inevitable…it could be subtle or sudden, but it will happen — menopause. It’s something we need to understand in order to weather the storm of hormones in the best way possible. When hormones are out of balance, it reflects on our appearance, our energy levels, mood and overall sense of well-being. Discovering just what is going on in our bodies is empowering.

Let’s learn a bit about the different hormones your body needs and how Restoration MedSpa can help:


As a female reaches menopause, they lose a majority of their estrogen. One awesome thing estrogen does for us is to protect our collagen. Collagen is the fibrous connective tissue that holds our bodies together and when collagen is reduced, skin becomes more thin and dry, our pores appear enlarged, nails are dry and brittle, facial lines are deeper and there is a general loss of sheen in the skin. Many women find estrogen replacement necessary. At Restoration MedSpa we recommend non-synthetic BioTe® Hormone Injection Therapy. Learn more.


Often called the “stress hormone,” cortisol is a steroid hormone made in the adrenal glands and released during stress. Increased stress can cause inflammation and can lower the body’s immune system. This can manifest itself on our skin as psoriasis, acne, dermatitis and of course, dark circles under the eyes. Restoration MedSpa offers a variety of laser treatments including LaseMD which can help restore your skin for a smoother and overall even skin texture. Learn more about laser treatments.


Unbalanced testosterone levels can affect our skin by triggering the over-production of certain glands. The results might appear as acne or facial hair. At Restoration MedSpa, we recommend laser hair removal in areas we wish hair wouldn’t grow. Learn more about hair removal options.


Hypothyroidism, or underactive thyroid can be worsened during menopause, creating a number of unwanted symptoms. We can see these imbalances in excessive facial hair, thinning scalp hair, dry skin, flaky scalp, eczema and loss of lashes. Restoration MedSpa can offer appropriate solutions to some of the unpleasant side effects from these unwelcome changes.


Aside from the above issues that Restoration MedSpa can help with, we also suggest these more simple, everyday solutions from which anyone can benefit:

  • FOOD. Diet is a powerful tool in maintaining proper hormonal health. Avoiding gluten, sugar, caffeine and alcohol can make a big impact. However, if you have extra weight you need to get under control, contact Restoration MedSpa for your free consultation toward achieving your weight and wellness goals.
  • SLEEP. Getting solid sleep cannot be given enough importance. Sleep, or lack of, can be significant in how you feel every day.
  • WATER. Detoxing is major in keeping your mind and body functioning at high capacity. As a rule of thumb eight, 8-ounce glasses a day is the current recommended amount.
  • BREATHINGYOGA and MEDITATION Practice calm breathing throughout the day: inhale to the count of four, hold for four and exhale for four. By calming our nervous system, we create calm throughout our body. Looking within yourself and nurturing your body is best done daily. Yoga can lower the secretion of cortisol.
  • PRODUCTS. Choose “clean” personal care products that do not contain chemicals harmful to your skin or body. At Restoration MedSpa, we can suggest the types of cleansers and makeup best used for your skin type. Some of the products we stand by can be seen here.

Schedule your complimentary consultation with Restoration MedSpa and let us help you understand the storm of hormones coming your way during and after menopause. We will outline what we believe your self-care and treatment steps should be. All you need to do is give us a call today at 336.999.8295 or visit our Contact Us page.