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Rediscover the Joy of Sex With Penile Injections in Winston-Salem

The effects of aging can take a toll on a man’s ability to have satisfying sexual intimacy. Hormone levels change, conditions crop up, confidence lowers, and libidos diminish for many men as the years go by.

At Restoration MedSpa, we understand. We’ve spoken candidly with hundreds of men about these issues—and we’ve treated them with penile injections that restore their ability to enjoy intimacy that satisfies them and their partner.

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Duration of Results

18 months or more

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What It Treats

  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Peyronie’s disease
  • Penis size

Benefits of Penile Injections in Winston-Salem

Sexual Health

Penile injections at Restoration MedSpa improve blood flow—the key to erectile function.

Reduce Curvature

If you suffer from Peyronie's disease, our penile injection can help reduce or eliminate the issue.

Penis Size

Our injections increase blood flow and the amount of vascular tissue, thereby increasing length and/or girth.

What You Can Expect


Every Restoration MedSpa treatment starts with a complimentary personal consultation. We’ll discuss the issues you’re suffering from and your goals for treatment, along with your medical history. If a penile injection is the best choice to deliver the results you want, we’ll create a treatment plan and schedule your sessions.


A penile injection is a quick process that’s also painless. We administer topical anesthetic to the injection site, then carefully inject lidocaine to fully numb the area. Once the numbing has taken effect we inject the area to stimulate blood flow and increase tissue and cell repair. This injection isn’t a replacement for Viagra-type treatment; it provides long-term positive benefits for optimal satisfaction.


After your penile injection in Winston-Salem, there may be some temporary swelling or soreness at the injection site. If so, it will quickly subside. As your body repairs and adds vascular tissue to your penis, the plaque that causes Peyronie’s disease will be diminished or eliminated. Within days, you’ll begin to enjoy stronger, firmer erections and improved performance.

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