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Melt Away Scar Tissue to Reveal Your Glow

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Brighten Your Skin’s Future With Scar Reduction in Greensboro

Scars and stretch marks are natural indicators of your body’s strength and adaptability, but their appearance can knock your confidence. At Restoration MedSpa, you can restore your smooth skin with nonsurgical, noninvasive treatments.

From advanced chemical peels to state-of-the-art laser technologies (powered by radiofrequency and ultrasound), our providers will help you find your best solution to smoothing scar tissue once and for all.

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What It Treats

  • Hyperpigmentation scars
  • Surgery scars
  • Injury scars
  • Acne scars
  • Hypertrophic scars
  • Stretch marks

Our Devices for Scar Reduction in Greensboro

We may consider multiple treatments to achieve the best results from the following devices:

  • Aerolase® Neo Elite improves texture and evens pigmentation.
  • Sciton® BBL minimizes the appearance of scar tissue.
  • LaseMD® smooths texture and targets pigment.
  • Sciton® HALO diminishes deeper pigment and acne and thicker scars.
  • SkinPen® evens texture and levels superficial scars.
  • Sylfirm X® addresses melasma and pigmented or elevated scars.
  • TriLift® improves pigmented and raised scars.

Benefits of Scar Reduction in Greensboro

Even Texture

Our advanced scar treatments improve your overall skin texture, leaving you glowing and ultra-smooth to the touch.

Spot-On Treatment

By directly targeting pigment cells, our treatments reduce blotchy skin to restore consistent color.

Revived Glow

With healthier, tighter, clearer, and more even skin, you’ll reclaim your glow and your confidence!

What You Can Expect


At Restoration MedSpa, we kick off every patient’s experience with a complimentary consultation. Here, we’ll openly discuss your aesthetic concerns and goals and review your medical history. After examining the skin you wish to treat, your provider will help you determine which scar reduction treatment will help you achieve your unique goals, create your personal treatment plan, and schedule your session(s).


Depending on the area you’d like to treat and the treatment option you decide on, you may need more than 1 session to achieve your best results. All of our advanced scar reduction treatments also address other common skin concerns, maximizing your skin’s health and your self-confidence simultaneously!

For example, RF microneedling also works to reduce wrinkles and enlarged pores. Chemical peels even out your skin’s tone and texture, revealing new, healthy skin from below. Laser treatments also gently resurface your skin on all levels—that’s the beauty of our comprehensive approach!


All of our scar reduction treatments are nonsurgical and minimally or noninvasive, meaning you’ll have little to no downtime. Most treatment options offer immediate skin improvements which will continue to build with time. Integrating our recommended medical-grade skincare products into your at-home routine and scheduling regular maintenance treatments will help maintain your newfound glow long-term.

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