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Effortlessly Define Your Muscles With CoolTone in Greensboro

A fit body with toned muscles sounds good, doesn’t it? However, going to the gym 5 or more days a week for hours at a time doesn’t sound good at all for a busy schedule.

Let’s face it—who doesn’t want a toned physique? Sadly, achieving ultra-defined muscle requires intense daily exercise and a strict diet, which isn’t realistic to squeeze into most people’s schedules.

Restoration MedSpa is proud to offer Cooltoneat our Winston-Salem office—just a short drive away—so you can get in the reps you need without breaking a sweat! In just 30 minutes, you can exercise your abs, glutes, or thighs to an intense degree that would be impossible to achieve on your own.

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Duration of Results

3 to 6 months

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What It Treats

What It Treats

  • Muscle definition
  • Core conditioning
  • Body contouring

Benefits of CoolTone in Greensboro


CoolTone uses magnetic muscle stimulation to go beyond skin and fat, targeting only the muscle.


Every session creates up to 25,000 muscle contractions, not only leaving you with a toned appearance but also physically stronger.

Full Body

Treatments define your abdomen, glutes, and thighs for a firmer, healthier look.

CoolTone for Abdomen
Before & After
CoolTone for Glutes
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What You Can Expect


Before any treatment at Restoration MedSpa, you’ll meet with a provider for a complimentary consultation. After getting to know you and your aesthetic concerns and goals, we’ll review your medical history and examine the areas you’d like to define. If we decide that CoolTone is the best route for you, we’ll help you schedule out your sessions.


While maintaining the intensity of traditional exercise, CoolTone treatments will also be the most relaxing workout you’ve ever completed. After getting comfortable on our reclined treatment bed, your Restoration MedSpa provider will place the CoolTone applicators to precisely target your problem areas. We’ll then turn the device on and it will begin delivering magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) pulses, each of which causes muscle contractions. 


Every session induces up to 25,000 muscle contractions. Don’t be surprised when your muscles feel tired after treatment, just as they would after a long gym session! There’s no downtime after CoolTone, so you can return to your day immediately. We recommend maintaining a healthy lifestyle to maximize your results in the long run.

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