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Improve Skin Texture With Laser Resurfacing in Winston-Salem

Laser skin resurfacing removes the dull, uneven outer layers of skin, stimulating new skin growth and collagen production! It also evens tone, addresses sun damage, including pre-cancerous lesions (actinic keratoses). This is one of our go-to treatments to help our patients experience their best skin.

Now you have the “energy” to achieve a flawless complexion and youthful glow!

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Duration of Results

Depends on treatment

Sessions Needed

Depends on treatment


Minimal to none, or 3 to 5 days depending on treatment

What It Treats

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Scarring
  • Loose skin
  • Enlarged oil glands
  • Poor skin texture
  • Loss of collagen
  • Acne scars
  • Dull skin
  • Sun damage
  • Rosacea
  • Age spots
  • Uneven tone
  • Broken blood vessels

Our Devices for Laser Resurfacing

Restoration MedSpa offers several ablative and non-ablative laser choices for resurfacing skin anywhere on your body:

  • Sciton HALO® for a youthful glow and even skin.
  • LaseMD® for sun damage reversal.
  • Areolase® NeoElite for anti-aging.

Benefits of Laser Resurfacing in Winston-Salem

Personal Confidence

Our treatments can reduce the appearance of scarring—including acne scars—for better confidence in public.

Skin Health

As the laser energy heats dermal layers, your body begins to produce new collagen and elastin.

Skin Tone

Resurfacing removes old skin and exposes fresh, new skin cells without the pigmentation issues.

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HALO for Face
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LaseMD for Face
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LaseMD for Hands
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What You Can Expect


Every Restoration MedSpa treatment starts with a complimentary personal consultation. We will openly and honestly discuss your concerns, realistic goals for treatment, and your medical history. Your provider will also examine the skin in your treatment area. If laser resurfacing presents the best solution for your goals, we’ll schedule your sessions.


Our choices for laser resurfacing in Winston-Salem offer different levels and types of laser energy to accomplish different purposes. Topical anesthetic is applied for almost all of our laser treatments to make them more comfortable.. Patients generally experience a mild tingling sensation along with mild to more pronounced heat, which almost all our patients find quite tolerable.


Downtime after laser resurfacing depends on the depth of resurfacing and the type of laser. Most patients experience temporary redness, slight stinging like a sunburn, and some swelling in the treatment area(s). Cool compresses help, along with non-blood thinning pain relievers such as Tylenol. Your provider will supply you with recommended aftercare instructions and medical-grade skincare choices.

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