Exosome Therapy in Winston-Salem

Tissue Regeneration and Repair

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Rebuilding Health With Exosome Therapy in Winston-Salem

Our bodies have the ability to naturally heal. When you have issues with your skin, with wound healing, or with aging, give your natural abilities a powerful boost with exosome therapy at Restoration MedSpa. This exciting field in regenerative medicine has the power to influence and reprogram specific body cells to regenerate, heal, and repair.

Exosomes work from within, acting as a message delivery system between cells—where they talk the language of healing!

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Duration of Results

Depends on goals

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What It Treats

  • Loss of collagen/elastin
  • Hair loss
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Skin texture and tone
  • Scarring
  • Wound healing
  • Treatment recovery

Benefits of Exosome Therapy in Winston-Salem

More Collagen

Exosome therapy Increases collagen and elastin production, regenerating the building blocks for younger-looking skin.

Faster Healing

The enhanced cellular communication with exosomes boosts your body's ability to heal wounds more quickly.


As exosomes do their work, you'll see improvements in your skin's appearance that can last several months to years.

What You Can Expect


Every Restoration MedSpa treatment starts with a complimentary personal consultation. This allows us to discuss your current concerns, your medical history, and your goals for treatment. We may also examine the skin in your treatment area. If exosome therapy makes the best choice to deliver desired results, we’ll schedule your session.


How your exosomes are delivered will depend on the goals of your treatment. Frequently, they are applied as a serum add-on to microneedling, radio-frequency microneedling, laser treatments and hair restoration treatments, promoting improved cell growth and faster healing. This kind of topical application is approved in the US.


Exosomes require no downtime and often shorten the downtime for the treatment with which they are combined. For 2 to 3 days after having exosome therapy, avoid strenuous activity and excessive sun exposure. You may be instructed to avoid anti-inflammatory medicines for a time to allow the exosomes to complete their therapeutic actions.

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