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Permanently Clear Away Varicose Veins With Laser Vein Removal in Greensboro

Tired of covering up your skin (even in warm weather) to hide your spider or varicose veins? Beyond knocking your self-confidence, damaged veins can also cause chronic physical discomfort.

Restoration MedSpa is proud to offer lasting relief, both physically and aesthetically, with advanced laser vein removal. You don’t need to turn to surgery—these injections dissolve blocked veins in an instant.

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What It Treats

  • Appearance of spider veins
  • Leg cramps caused by spider veins
  • Leg swelling/pain caused by spider veins

Benefits of Laser Vein Removal in Greensboro

Zero Downtime

Laser vein removal is neither surgical nor invasive, so you can get back to doing what you love immediately!

Improved Quality of Life

No need to worry about wearing compression socks to control your spider veins. Prepare to show off your skin and wear whatever you please!

Works with Diverse Skin Types

Our advanced laser vein removal technology is effective for patients with a range of skin types—providing both aesthetic and health benefits.

What You Can Expect


At Restoration MedSpa, we kickstart every patient’s journey with a complimentary consultation. This gives your provider the chance to sit down with you and openly discuss your concerns, goals, and medical history. After examining the veins you’d like to treat, we’ll help you determine if laser vein removal is the answer for your situation and schedule your appointments.


Upon arriving for your laser vein removal appointment, you’ll first get comfortable in our luxurious treatment room. After your Restoration MedSpa provider locates the veins you’d like to remove, we’ll use our state-of-the-art non-ablative laser to precisely single out the problematic veins, directing heating laser energy directly into them. This heat causes permanent scarring to the vein, which your body will naturally replace with healthy tissue.


There is zero downtime from our advanced approach to laser vein removal in Greensboro, so you can return to doing what you love that day! Your body will independently redirect the blood that once traveled through the treated veins to the new veins that arise, improving circulation. Your provider may instruct you to include a daily walk into your routine to support proper circulation during the healing process.

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