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Enjoy All-Natural Rejuvenation With Salt Therapy in Greensboro

In the 1800s, European salt miners noticed that unlike other miners, their respiratory system was growing stronger as they worked, rather than weaker. Plus, they weren’t catching the same viruses.

As towns realized that industrial workers had discovered the natural healing powers of salt, a new form of therapy arose.

At Restoration MedSpa, you don’t have to travel to the historic salt mines of Europe to experience this revolutionary rejuvenation! Our Salt Therapy Studio at our nearby WInston-Salem office brings the benefits of salt to you, maximizing your relaxation with ultra-comfortable hydromassage beds, dimmed lighting, and calming music. Rediscover your inner peace and experience natural mental and physical healing today.

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Duration of Results

Ongoing with regular sessions

Sessions Needed

4 or more for maximum benefit



What It Treats

  • Coughing
  • Asthma
  • Allergies
  • Blood flow issues
  • Electromagnetic imbalance

Benefits of Salt Therapy in Greensboro


Take some relaxing time for yourself while bathing in luxurious salt particles and ions. Feel free to meditate, or just enjoy the silence.

Improve Breathing

Our salt therapy can help you breathe better by clearing allergens and irritants—similar to the positive side effects experienced by early salt miners.

Boost Circulation

As your lungs absorb the microscopic salt particles, inflammation will subside, lowering your blood pressure to maximize relaxation.

What You Can Expect

Step 1

At Restoration MedSpa, there’s no need to schedule a consultation for salt therapy in Greensboro. Rather, your provider will simply help you schedule your sessions. With consistent treatment, you can maximize your positive results.

Step 2

Each private session will take 30 to 60 minutes. If you opt to share the therapeutic experience with a friend, 2 individuals can enjoy the Salt Therapy Studio for 1 hour. Simply relax in our ultra-soothing hydromassage bed, and a pink glow will surround you as Himalayan salt powers your body’s healing—complemented by our selection of calming music.

Step 3

After finishing your therapy session, you may develop a minor cough as your lungs work to clear out mucus from your airways. Salt therapy offers antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits beyond your breathing and muscular systems—it also nourishes your skin. Many patients opt for salt therapy to help address acne, skin allergies, and even dermatitis.

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