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Botox in Greensboro

Botox® is famous worldwide for good reason! This revolutionary injectable reduces, or even eliminates, wrinkles and fine lines. Worry lines, frown lines, and crow’s feet occur when your body lacks the elasticity to “bounce back” from these repeated expressions.

This neurotoxin formula consists of botulinum-A, which works to limit specific muscle movements, relaxing away dynamic lines and wrinkles. Limiting problematic movements also prevents future wrinkles altogether—an added plus we call “prejuvenation.”

Come to Restoration MedSpa in Greensboro or Winston-Salem for natural-looking anti-aging results!

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Duration of Results

3 to 4 months

Sessions Needed




What It Treats

  • Worry/frown lines
  • Downturned smile
  • Protruding neck muscles
  • Crow’s feet/bunny lines
  • Undereye wrinkles
  • Forehead lines/dropped brow
  • Dropped tip of nose/wide nose
  • TMJ pain/tooth clenching
  • Gummy smile/thin lips
  • Saggy jawline
  • Pebbly chin
  • Smokers lines 

Benefits of Botox in Greensboro


Botox treatments typically take less than 10 minutes.


Botox is proven to significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles by restricting muscle movement.


Botox immediately refreshes the look of your natural features.

Botox DAO
Before & After
Botox for “Elevens”
Botox treatment for "Elevens"
Botox for Crows Feet
Botox DAO
Botox for DAO
Botox for Forehead
Before & After
Botox for Gummy Smile
Before & After
Botox Lip Lines
Botox treatment for Lip Lines
Botox for platysma bands in the neck
Before & After
Botox for Masseteur
Botox treatment in Masseteur for "TMJ pain"
Botox Forehead
Botox treatment in the Forehead
Botox for Forehead
Botox treatment of Forehead

What You Can Expect


Prior to any treatment at Restoration MedSpa, you’ll meet with a provider for a complimentary consultation. After getting to know you and your aesthetic goals, we’ll also review your medical history. Your provider will also perform a skin examination of the area you wish to treat. If we decide that Botox is your best option, we’ll help you schedule your session—or you can opt to proceed with injections then and there!


After determining the best precise injection points, your Restoration MedSpa provider will sterilize the treatment area. Then, they will expertly inject the Botox using an ultra-fine needle. This typically takes 10 to 15 minutes in total. Most patients start to notice results 3 to 7 days after their injection.


There is no downtime after Botox! Some patients experience minor swelling, redness, and/or bruising at the injection sites, but these side effects tend to subside within a few days. Restoration MedSpa’s experienced injectors have mastered the art of Botox, so you’ll achieve the most seamless results possible.

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