Why Whiten Your Teeth?


We’re entering that time of year for big events – and big events means lots of photos. If you’re someone who is never quite comfortable with a big smile because you’re self-conscious about your teeth, the DaVinci Teeth Whitening System could be the answer. It’s better than home whitening with strips and pastes, which often include peroxide and other abrasives that can be hard on your teeth’s enamel.


The DaVinci system uses the latest LED cold-laser technology with a signature whitening gel consisting of natural plant and mineral ingredients. It’s proven to yield superior results with little to no sensitivity when compared to other whitening systems. 

DaVinci is not only safe, it is also the only all-natural product for whitening the teeth (as much as 4-5 shades lighter after only two 20-minute sessions). Let Restoration MedSpa give you the smile you’ve always wanted. 

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