Lip Filler in Greensboro

Achieving a Natural Look With Lip Filler

From balancing out your features to combating skin aging, dermal fillers do it all in a pinch! The best part—there’s minimal commitment and countless studies to back up this FDA-approved injectable formula’s efficacy.

With millions of people getting lip filler every year, more providers are offering this aesthetic service than ever before. That being said, who you go to for lip filler in Greensboro determines your results. Here’s a look at Restoration MedSpa’s proven approach to fillers and tips from our team on avoiding the “overdone” look. 

Know Who You’re Working With

When you start looking for an injector, do some research on their experience—both from their own perspective on their website and from their patients’ reviews. With lip filler, there’s a delicate balance of art and science that takes years to master.

Our owner and founder, Marisa Faircloth, leads our team as a master-level injector among the top 100 best aesthetic injectors in America for the last five years. With a background in plastic surgery, Marisa has been honing her technique since Botox and fillers hit the market! As a top 250 Allergan practice, Restoration MedSpa prioritizes excellence in everything—from our techniques to your experience. 

Focus on Enhancement 

We’re not interested in overpowering your natural beauty, but rather enhancing the features that make you, you. This comes down to how and where we place your lip filler.

In Greensboro or Winston-Salem, you’ll start your journey by sitting down with your provider to openly discuss your concerns, goals, and medical history. By doing so, we can determine the right placement and amount of filler for your unique situation. Depending on your vision, we may also recommend combining fillers with other injectables like SKINVIVE in Greensboro or Botox near High Point, NC

Ready to bring your vision to life?

As the premier providers for lip filler in Greensboro, Restoration MedSpa takes pride in giving our patients first-class results with unparalleled experiences to match. We recognize that your starting point, end goal, budget, and timeline are unique, so we don’t try to squeeze your concerns into a box or offer ineffective one-size-fits-all “solutions.”

Reach out to our team to learn more about our tried-and-true approach to facial filler, or explore our other state-of-the-art aesthetic enhancements today!

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