June is Men’s Health Month

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Men have a life expectancy that is about five years shorter than women, and yet they go to the doctor about half as often. From childhood, many men are taught to suppress discomfort, whether emotional or physical. But we remain hopeful that some of these stereotypes are shifting as men become more aware of the ramifications of not practicing self-care.

Men’s Health Month can be a great opportunity to highlight these challenges to men’s health and the importance of stressing prevention, detection, and education. Encourage the men in your life to schedule regular checkups and to be frank with their physician about anything that concerns them, physically and mentally. Try these conversation starters with the men in your life to help remove stigma:

  1. Discuss Preventive Screening Options
    Many men may not know that testicular cancer can occur as early as age 15. Did you know self-exams can increase early detection? Many men may be aware of the seriousness of prostate cancer but they fear the thoughts of a rectal exam. Did you know that there are alternatives like blood tests that can also be used as screening tools?
  2. Mental Health
    Your physician knows the ins and outs of your physical health, so why not discuss your mental status when him/her also? Men should feel comfortable in voicing their mental health concerns…seeking help is empowering. Get the conversation started with your man.
  3. Sexual Health & Hormone Balance
    It’s a given to encourage men (and women) who are sexually active to be screened regularly for sexually transmitted diseases. While screening for erectile dysfunction or lack of libido could be uncomfortable to discuss, these issues could indicate something broader, like a hormone imbalance.

Low Testosterone and Men’s Health

Often hard to bring up and even more difficult to discuss openly, is low testosterone, or “low T”.

Low T can have a serious negative impact on overall male physical and emotional health. A man’s testosterone levels peak by early adulthood and they lessen as they age so this is a natural occurrence in all men. Erectile dysfunction or low libido could be symptoms of an underlying testosterone dysfunction, which can have implications on ones overall health. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of men with testosterone insufficiency receive help.

Restoration MedSpa offers a hormone replacement therapy that utilizes a comprehensive diagnostic approach that pairs blood testing measurements with a clinical survey that puts the numbers into a context built around you as an individual. There is no “magic” number, everyone is different, and treating each person as a unique being is vital to providing the right BioTE® solution to each person. As a Certified BioTE®  Hormone Therapy provider, Restoration MedSpa joins thousands of other MDs PAs and NPs across the U.S. in providing BioTE®.

BioTE® uses only bio-identical hormones, not synthetics, so it’s safe and effective with no known harmful side effects. For that reason, it fits perfectly with the Restoration MedSpa philosophy that natural products are better. In use since 1939, pellets are more convenient than creams and gels in balancing estrogen and testosterone levels. The pellets are about the size of a grain of rice and they provide 3 to 5 months of proper hormone balance without the daily hassle of other types of hormone replacement therapy.

Testosterone insufficiency can cause a wide range of problems including low energy levels, insomnia, weight gain (especially around the midsection), brain fog, loss of muscle mass, decreased libido, decreased sexual performance (erectile dysfunction), joint pains, and mood disturbances, including irritability.

Optimizing testosterone using the BioTE® Method of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, may help alleviate the challenges associated with low testosterone. While the benefits of optimizing testosterone may be overwhelmingly positive, seeking new care can be intimidating. However, after receiving testosterone replacement, many report:

  • Less body fat
  • Increased energy
  • Retention of muscle mass
  • Heightened mood
  • Increased libido and sexual function

Get the conversation started with the men in your life. For physical, mental and overall health make an appointment for them today for a complimentary consultation at Restoration MedSpa, and get them on the road to overall wellness.