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Recognizing the Signs of a Hormonal Imbalance

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One of the most common questions our providers get is “What are ‘normal’ hormone levels?” but the truth is, everyone’s normal looks different. Your hormones are never stagnant, which means that it’s easy for things to get out of balance—one small change can have big effects. 

Studies show that most people will go through at least one imbalance in their life, but how can you tell (so that you can overcome your symptoms with a hormone treatment in Greensboro)? Restoration MedSpa’s experts are breaking down the most common imbalance symptoms so you know when to ask your doctor about starting hormone replacement therapy

Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction can manifest in all kinds of ways—for women and men—from vaginal dryness and erectile dysfunction to libido drops and trouble reaching orgasm. In fact, nearly half of women and a third of men struggle with it at some point.

HRT doesn’t just boost your libido by raising your mood and sex hormone levels; it also increases blood flow to enhance sexual function and pleasure (including ED). To take their results further—or if their concerns are not hormone-related—we also offer penile and vaginal injections

Hair Loss 

Your estrogen, DHT, and cortisone hormones play essential roles in your hair’s growth cycle, so when these levels decline, your hair begins to thin. While we also offer PRP as a hair loss treatment, our hormone treatment in Greensboro may be more effective if you’re losing hair due to aging or after a significant hormonal change, like pregnancy or menopause.

Weight Gain & Muscle Deterioration 

Your cortisol, estrogen, and insulin levels play important roles in determining your weight. If you’ve noticed a sudden increase on the scale and haven’t changed your diet or routine at all, hormones may be to blame. 

Without rebalancing these levels, your results from other treatments simply won’t last. That being said, pairing HRT with these noninvasive body contouring technologies or weight loss injections can expedite your weight loss journey and effortlessly rebuild muscle:

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Ready to feel like yourself again?

Keep in mind that these are just some of the most common symptoms of an imbalance. In general, if you’re seeing unexplained changes in your body and/or mind, you should get your hormone levels checked. From here, we can determine if a hormone treatment in Greensboro is your best option or one of our other science-backed solutions—or a combination of both. 

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