Restoration MedSpa Salt Therapy


Restoration MedSpa has embraced the science behind salt as a modern health and wellness essential.

Salt as a healing agent started in the Eastern European salt mines many years ago when they discovered that dry salt has different unique properties from the ocean’s wet or moist salt. We’re celebrating dry salt therapy in our Restoration MedSpa Salt Therapy Room. You’ll be surrounded by the healing powers of salt and peaceful music as you relax in our state of the art massage bed. Just as the glowing pink Himalayan Sea Salt lamp is said to balance electromagnetic radiation, boost blood flow, relieve coughing, calm asthma and allergies, and many other wellness enhancing benefits, the Restoration MedSpa Salt Therapy Room is sure to bring you overall improved well being.

Typically, a Restoration MedSpa Salt Therapy session lasts 30 minutes for a single person or 60 minutes if you choose to share the room. This is a great friend activity or you may choose to go it alone for the complete restorative features it offers. In order to get the most benefit, we recommend multiple sessions at regular intervals for maximum results. Restoration MedSpa offers a variety of packages for use of the Salt Room. We invite you to learn more by contacting us.