The Benefits of Salt Therapy


What Is Salt Therapy?

So what’s the big deal about Salt Therapy? You have probably heard about it or maybe your friend brought it up in conversation once, but you don’t know exactly what it is. Let’s take it back to a couple of centuries ago when a doctor by the name of Feliks Boczkowski discovered that miners in the salt mines in eastern Europe, specifically, Poland didn’t have lung issues like workers in other mines. Because of Dr. Boczkowski’s discovery, we can thank him for today’s therapeutic salt rooms. He believed that salt has a great healing power, bringing lots of benefits and is the foundation of the growing wellness trend of halotherapy, or salt therapy. There are countless claims of how salt therapy rooms have helped people with a variety of breathing issues or infections they are experiencing, although there is not a mountain of evidence to support these claims. People still come out of salt rooms claiming there is a difference and that it has improved their overall well-being.

Some Benefits of Salt Therapy.

Even though there is not a lot of scientific evidence that points to the direct benefits of salt rooms, these are the things that people are saying they experience from visiting salt therapy rooms…

Reduced Stress

A salt room that is dimly lit and provides a calming atmosphere for relaxation and meditation can help individuals overcome the stresses of everyday life. As you relax and take deep breaths, the salt helps heal your body and calm the mind. Breathing in the salt also helps open your lungs to allow more oxygen to move through the body.

Healthier Skin

Some say that exposing the body to air flow containing salt particles can help naturally boost your skin’s hydration. People have said that it helps their skin become less blotchy, while leaving it feeling smoother than before. People have also commented that they have seen a balance in pH levels.

Help Fight Infections

Some have claimed that salt therapy can help with fighting colds, flu, and viruses by building germ fighters.

Can Help Improve Breathing

If you have struggled with any respiratory conditions, you are all too familiar with coughing and not being able to get all the phlegm out. Salt therapy is said to help coughing be more productive, which makes it easier to get the phlegm out.

Restoration MedSpa’s Salt Therapy Rooms can help you on your journey to wellness.  Typically, a Restoration MedSpa Salt Therapy session lasts 30 minutes for a single person or 60 minutes if you choose to share the room. In order to get the full benefit, we recommend multiple sessions at regular intervals for maximum results. We offer a variety of packages for using the Restoration MedSpa Salt Therapy Room. Learn more by arranging a complimentary consultation or call 336.999.8295.

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