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Melissa Newell MD

Medical Director

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Melissa attended Wofford College and the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. She specializes in adolescent pediatrics and enjoys a 30+ year career as a pediatrician in Greensboro, NC.

Melissa was born in Spartanburg and raised in Fort Mill, S.C. She wanted to be a doctor from as far back as she can remember, having often visited her uncle’s family practice during her youth. She met Marisa in 2016 and found herself fascinated by the non-invasive cosmetic treatments offered through Restoration MedSpa. She would often tease Marisa that if she ever needed any help, to give her a call. And that’s exactly what Marisa did. Finding herself in need of a new Medical Director, Marisa contacted Melissa in 2019, and Melissa quickly joined the practice. Believing that the role requires a hands-on approach, Melissa works at Restoration MedSpa at least one day each week while she continues her pediatric practice. Melissa believes that her presence is yet another differentiator for Restoration MedSpa. Having a working medical director truly raises the profile from a boutique spa to a medical spa. And Melissa is very visible within the practice.

The staff has the advantage of having a medical doctor available when questions arise. Melissa also enjoys getting to know the patients, and her presence provides another vote of confidence that they are getting the best treatment plans for their needs. She looks at everything from the medical aspect, asking questions that others might not know to ask and making sure that the procedure is right for the patient. While her work at Restoration MedSpa is not full-time, she nevertheless feels like it is her fantasy job.

Melissa’s laugh is infectious, and others can tell when she’s onsite. Her glass is always half full. She lives in Greensboro with her husband Regan, and her three cats.