Considering a Cosmetic Procedure? 10 Things You Need to Know

Choosing Minimally Invasive Procedures

Before heading to a plastic surgeon or cosmetic clinician, be sure to consider all of your options. This list of 10 things to think about will help you seek the right kind of provider for your specific needs.

  1. Get the Best Results with Less Down Time – There was a time not that many years ago when serious surgeries requiring general anesthesia were the norm in anti-aging procedures. Now, minimally invasive procedures can offer dramatic results with far less or no down time and far fewer risks.
  2. Experience Lower Cost – Minimally invasive procedures now out-number traditional surgeries more than 8 to 1. Especially when it comes to the face, lower costs and less invasive procedures appeal to a much broader range of patients.
  3. Join the Trend – We are quickly approaching the turning point when noninvasive procedures can provide the same or better results than invasive surgeries.
  4. Seek Only Experienced Providers – When choosing minimally invasive procedures, be sure to find the right provider. Go where the experience is – ask for their credentials and to see before and after photos. Insist that your clinician spend time getting to know you and your goals during an unhurried consultation.
  5. Set Realistic and Obtainable Expectations – Marisa Faircloth, PA-C, from Restoration MedSpa believes that those who are the happiest with their results are those who have realistic expectations. If you’re thinking that you want to look healthier or rested – a better version of yourself – then minimally invasive procedures are probably a good choice for you.
  6. Consider Your Investment – Cosmetic procedures in general are not covered by most health plans. The investment you’ll make for a procedure includes the cost of the product and the time and experience of the provider.
  7. Consider Additional Lifestyle Changes – You may want to think about lifestyle changes in order to get true value from your treatment options. Avoid tanning beds; start using a good quality sunscreen for protection during the daylight hours; if you smoke, consider quitting. Not only will you get better results from cosmetic treatments, your overall health will improve.
  8. Take Care of Your Skin – Skin is nourished by good eating habits. Well-hydrated skin with the use of medical grade skincare products is a must for getting the full value from any procedure. No procedure – surgical or non-surgical – will look as good with poor quality skin.
  9. You “Do You” – Cosmetic procedures can enhance your confidence and improve the way you look, but they can’t save a relationship. The decision to seek treatment should be yours and yours alone. After all, if you’re changing the way you look, it should be about you feeling more comfortable in your own skin and not about pleasing someone else.
  10. Research What You Have in Mind – The top five minimally invasive procedures include wrinkle reducing injectables like Botox®, dermal filler injectables like Juvederm®; laser skin resurfacing to reduce signs of aging and blemishes; chemical peels to remove damaged skin; and fat removal for pockets of fat that are resistant to dieting with treatments such as CoolSculpting®.

Once you determine what goals you have and what your overall wellness priorities are, contact us at Restoration MedSpa at 336.999.8295 or contact us online. We will set up a complimentary consultation and get you headed in the right direction.