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Stimulate your muscles and tighten your face with triLift, the first of its kind facial muscle stimulation paired with RF micro-needling.

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Give Your Face A triLift

What is triLift?

triLift is the first ever treatment that tones, defines, and contours your facial muscles utilizing dynamic muscle stimulation. It is the first to market to include Dynamic Muscle Stimulation in addition to radio frequency and radio frequency microneedling to tighten and tone muscles in the face. TriLift can also reduce fine lines and wrinkles and create a smoother texture to the skin. This is the first device to incorporate muscle stimulation in addition to collagen stimulation to create tighter, healthier muscle tone as well as tighter and healthier skin in and around the face.

Reawaken Your Natural Beauty

If you struggle with:

– Sagging jowls
– Facial wrinkles and fine lines
– Uneven texture

triLift is the solution you’ve been waiting for. Stimulating your facial muscles will help you achieve a more youthful appearance with no downtime and immediate results.

Before and After

Your Face Needs a Workout

Toning your muscles shouldn’t stop at your body – your face needs a workout too! As you age, the muscles in your face lose the strength they once had, causing sagging jowls, facial wrinkles and fine lines, and uneven texture.

For the first time, triLift can give your face a workout too. As the first ever facial treatment to utilize dynamic muscle stimulation, you’ll walk away from your session with a well – defined, toned, facelift-like effect.

This treatment has no downtime and immediate results. Don’t leave “face day” out of your workout routine.

triLift - Face lift like results