Most Popular Uses for Botox

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Botox is the leading non-invasive cosmetic treatment because of its unparalleled ability to restore a more youthful appearance. Most people know about Botox’s wrinkle-reducing powers, but did you know it’s also a non-invasive option for beauty concerns that surgical procedures were only able to treat before? Read on to learn about the most popular uses for Botox that you may want to try at your next appointment.

Forehead Lines

The most widely known use for Botox is for treating forehead wrinkles. It is effective at reducing “surprise lines” above the eyebrows, as well as reducing vertical lines between the eyebrows that resemble the number 11. For very deep lines, Botox may need to be combined with filler for best results.

brow lift

Brow Lift

On younger faces, the brow is well supported and its position above the eye remains high. However, with aging, the brow drops, giving the eyelid a hooded appearance, which creates horizontal folds in the surrounding skin. The procedure used to correct the hooded eyes is called chemical brow lift or Botox facelift.

crow's feet

Crow’s Feet

These are the wrinkles present at the outer corners of your eyes. Crow’s feet that can be seen even when you’re not smiling is often associated with aging. However, Botox is very effective in reducing these wrinkles, giving you more youthful looking eyes.

Lip Flip

Lip Flip

With age, we gradually start losing some lip volume along with loss of lip border definition. Lip Flip is a procedure designed to give you sexy, pouty, fuller lips. If you are wishing for a fuller lip but not ready for fillers yet, this is for you!



People who grind their teeth at night often see their face become wider over time. This is due to the strengthening of the masseter muscle, which can cause the face to take on a more square shape. Injecting this muscle with Botox makes the face look slimmer, as well as eases pain from bruxism (a condition caused by grinding teeth).

gummy smile

Gummy Smile

Although many dentists and orthodontists offer treatments to relieve a gummy smile, many of these procedures are surgical and therefore very invasive and expensive. But no worries, with the use of two or more injections on either side of the mouth, we can relax the muscles on the face that cause the gummy smile, and the lips can begin to cover up the gums, thereby creating a more aesthetically appealing smile.

frown line

Frown Lines

Glabella lines (frown lines) are the vertical creases that can appear between the eyebrows, causing a tired or angry look. BOTOX®  can be very effective on this area. We can smooth these frown lines, resulting in a rejuvenated and more relaxed appearance.



Botox can be used to smooth the neck in a procedure known as the Nefertiti lift. It is effective at relaxing horizontal and vertical lines around the neck.

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