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This is the world’s first hybrid fractional laser (HFL), which can restore radiant skin with little to no downtime. At Restoration MedSpa , the only practice in the triad to offer a hybrid laser, we call the results “the Halo glow.”

This treatment option offers TWO lasers that not only restore the natural radiance that sun, time, and stress often deplete from your skin, but it also stimulates deep collagen production to create thicker, tighter, healthier skin. With Sciton HaloTM, you get fabulous results immediately and will also see more improvements over time. By triggering the skin’s natural healing response, both tone and texture are visibly improved.

Halo’s unique technology gets the job done without painful, long recovery times. A topical anesthetic is all most patients need to experience very little discomfort during the procedure. Clients can expect great results, including:
  1. Improvements in overall skin tone and texture
  2. Significant removal of discoloration
  3. Reduction in the appearance of fine lines
  4. Reduced pore size
  5. Skin reflectivity and glow

At Restoration MedSpa, we offer laser treatments in Winston-Salem and Greensboro, North Carolina.