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You can get great results by treating your face with a refreshing and cleansing Oxygen Facial!

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Treat Yourself With An Oxygen Facial

As time goes by and the stresses of the world leave our skin dull, dry, and prone to wrinkles, we can all use a little help getting back our glow and youthful look. Oxygen Facials are the perfect “nonmedical” treatment to not only clean the face but promote cell growth and a more youthful appearance.

Oxygen facials use the rejuvenating powers of Oxygen, something our entire body needs to be healthy, and harnesses it to promote collagen growth and cell renewal of the skin. Collagen keeps our skin elastic and strong. Over the years, stress, aging, and the environment all weaken the skin’s collagen, leaving the face vulnerable to wrinkles.

Treatment Benefits

By treating the face with an Oxygen Facial, collagen is encouraged to heal and grow. On top of that, it also helps speed up cell turnover, another benefit that produces new skin cells that are young and supple.

The benefits don’t stop there; Oxygen Facials also help detox the skin. The combination of oxygen, vitamins, and other minerals in the treatment detox the skin and can reverse years of damaging sun exposure.

And of course, Oxygen Facials also cleanse the skin and leave it refreshed and beautiful. There is no downtime from the procedure and the benefits begin right away. The Oxygen Facial is truly the perfect combination of treatment, prevention, and pampering.

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