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miraDry® is the only FDA-cleared treatment that is clinically proven to dramatically reduce underarm sweat in as little as one treatment!

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There are over 30 million people in the U.S. who suffer from excessive underarm sweat (or hyperhidrosis). Luckily, miraDry® offers a permanent “no sweat, no stress” solution.

With thermal energy, miraDry® targets glands and eliminates underarm sweat and odor while reducing hair in your underarm area. After the procedure, underarm sweat and odor have been eliminated for good.

Safe and effective, miraDry® has been used worldwide in over 140,000 treatments with excellent safety results. An appointment at Restoration MedSpa for miraDry® will take about an hour. You may experience localized soreness or minimal swelling, but these side effects should gradually disappear.

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You can expect immediate and lasting results. Once the miraDry treatment eliminates the sweat and odor glands, they’re gone for good. The treatment is clinically proven to have an average of 82% sweat reduction and 89% odor reduction. As with any aesthetic treatment, patient results and experiences may vary.

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At Restoration MedSpa, we can help you determine if miraDry® is right for you and set you up for treatments that give you results quickly and efficiently. We also offer a variety of other skin treatments that will help you gain confidence and get you on the path to looking and feeling your best. Call Restoration MedSpa today to schedule a complimentary consultation with our team or click here.

At Restoration MedSpa, we offer miraDry® in our Winston-Salem, North Carolina location.