Nova Threads, Winston-Salem, NC

Nova Threads in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Nova Threads are designed to lift and tighten targeted areas for a more youthful appearance in Winston-Salem.

What if you could restore the youthful appearance of your face, neck and jawline without major surgery? Are you looking for natural ways to improve the appearance of your skin, including a firmer, fuller look and feel?

At Restoration MedSpa, we know that maintaining your youthful appearance is an important part of how you feel each day. That’s why we offer a variety of treatment options for our clients to be able to achieve their goals, without dealing with painful surgeries or uncomfortable procedures.

One treatment option we offer that can provide excellent results is Nova Threads, which are designed to lift and tighten the areas under your chin, on your jaw line, and on your neck.

How Do Nova Threads Work?

Nova Threads are needles loaded with PDO (polydioxanone) threads, which are inserted into the skin directionally and then removed, leaving the threads in place. Your skin gently reacts to these absorbable threads by beginning to repair itself around the threads, as well as absorbing the PDO and stimulating new collagen production. This controlled healing takes place over approximately four to six months, and you’ll begin to see a difference in your targeted areas within a few weeks! Nova Threads don’t require any cuts or incisions – they are simple injections that produce lasting results.

At Restoration MedSpa, we’ll be happy to discuss the benefits of Nova Threads to determine if this facial treatment is right for you. We can also recommend other facial treatments that will help you achieve great results. Contact us today to learn more about our treatments and to schedule your complimentary consultation in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.


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