Liquid Facelift, Winston-Salem, NC

A liquid facelift can allow you to more easily achieve your goals with no pain, no downtime, and great results in Winston-Salem.

Liquid Facelift in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Do you have areas under your eyes, in between your eyebrows, or under your chin that are beginning to sag or wrinkle, and you hate the way it looks? Do you want to be able to restore your face’s youthfulness, but you don’t want to go under the knife?

At Restoration MedSpa, we find that a liquid facelift is one of our most popular facial treatments for our clients because there are many options available and each one can produce excellent results. A liquid facelift is the use of liquid fillers to plump, perk up, and smooth those areas on your face that have lost their collagen or elastic, making you look older than you are. Rather than taking extreme measures with a major surgery, a liquid facelift can allow you to achieve your goals more easily with no pain, no downtime, and great results.

We offer several different options for a liquid facelift, including Botox, Juvederm, Arquederma, Nova Threads, and Kybella. We’ll be happy to discuss your targeted areas and recommend the liquid facelift products that will work best for you. At Restoration MedSpa, we are always excited to help our clients achieve their goals for a more youthful looking appearance, all while relaxing in our spa environment.

When you come to us for a liquid facial in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, you’ll receive five-star treatment from us, and you’ll walk away looking and feeling your best! Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and to discuss which products and services will help you get the results you expect and deserve. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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At Restoration MedSpa, we offer liquid facelift treatments in Winston-Salem and Greensboro, North Carolina.